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The Quick Brake Flasher

How often have you suddenly had to stop and you wondered if the driver behind you is noticing?  The Quick Brake Flasher senses when you brake hard and alerts the following driver with super bright flashing LEDs!

Quick Brake Flasher animation

The Quick Brake Flasher helps prevent rear-end accidents.  It is completely self contained, and attaches to the inside of your vehicle’s rear windshield with two small suction cups.  It senses when your are braking hard with a built in acceleration switch, and rapidly flashes super bright LEDs to alert following drivers that you are braking quickly!

  • It installs quickly and easily to any vehicle with a rear windshield!
  • It uses reliable high quality suction cups that are tested from -20 to 120 deg. F!
  • There are no wires to connect!
  • It has adjustable sensitivity!
  • The super bright LEDs have a combined brightness of more than 40,000 mcd, and can be seen more than 1000 feet!
  • Comes complete with installed CR2032 lithium batteries that last over one year and are replaceable!
  • It's small enough so it doesn't block your view!
  • It provides following drivers with a second level of awareness!

How it Works


See the solid red box above.  It's not very good at getting your attention.  So why are brake lights like this?  The only time you really know someone is braking is because you see a transition of their lights from dim to bright.  But as they're braking, the brake lights stay bright without any transitions.  In fact if their lights were bright all the time, you wouldn't even know if they're braking or not.  The part of the current brake light system that gets our attention isn't the brightness, it's the transition of the dim to bright!

Now look at the flashing red LEDs below. Don't they get your attention?  The LEDs are transitioning on and off.  This is what grabs your attention.  For example, the LED on your office phone that flashes when you have new voice mail, its flashing gets your attention.  Now what if the LED on your phone just stayed lit, no flashing, you wouldn't notice it much at all!  Which is why it was designed to flash in the first place!  Like the LED on your phone flashes to get your attention when there're new messages, so do the LEDs of the Quick Brake Flasher to grab the attention of following drivers when you brake hard.


Studies show that our eyes find dynamic flashing lights over static solid lights much more interesting and irresistible.  The Quick Brake Flasher uses this concept to add more awareness when you are braking hard.

How and when it flashes
The Quick Brake Flasher only flashes when you're braking hard.  It has a built in acceleration switch that triggers the LEDs to flash when you brake harder than .4 G.   To get an idea of just how hard this is, a typical seat belt will lock up at about .7 G.  So the Quick Brake Flasher flashes at about half this level of braking.

Sensitivity adjustment
When you receive the Quick Brake Flasher it comes adjusted to .4 G.  However if you would like to make it more or less sensitive you can easily adjust it.  To make it more sensitive, just bend the acceleration switch up a little, or to make it less sensitive bend the switch down a bit.  With your order, you will receive complete instructions explaining how to change your Quick Brake Flasher's sensitivity.

Vehicles you can install it in
The Quick Brake Flasher can be installed in all types of vehicles.  Trucks such as the Ford Ranger, Dodge Dakota, Chevy S-10, cars like the Ford Focus, Ford Mustang, Honda Accord, and SUVs such as the Ford Explorer and Chevy Blazer can all benefit by having the Quick Brake Flasher installed in them.  In fact, it will install easily to any vehicle with a rear windshield.

Why Use the Quick Brake Flasher?

Quick Brake Flasher

The Quick Brake Flasher creates a second level of awareness for following drivers.  Imagine your driving along, and the vehicle in front of you slows down gradually.  You would see their brake lights turn on, and as a result you slow down.  Now imagine, instead of the vehicle just slowing down, they brake quickly.  Again their brake lights turn on, but judging by their brake lights alone, you may think they are just slowing down, especially at night when its harder to judge distance by surrounding objects.  What if this person had a Quick Brake Flasher and they were braking hard?  Instead of just seeing brake lights, you would see the bright LEDs of the Quick Brake Flasher rapidly flashing.  Wouldn’t this alert you better, making you more aware of the vehicle in front of you?  Emergency vehicles flash lights all the time to get driver’s attention.  So why not use the Quick Brake Flasher to grab the attention of following drivers, and reduce your risk of being hit in a rear-end collision?

Alert drivers with the Quick Brake Flasher!
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