Quick Brake Flasher Installation

The Quick Brake Flasher installs in three easy steps!

Step 1. Pull-off and remove the ribbon from the device (this was used to prevent the batteries from decaying during shippment).

Step 2.  Place the Quick Brake Flasher on the rear windshield.

center view of installation instructions

Step 3.  Rotate the Quick Brake Flasher until it is level.

side veiw of Quick Brake Flasher in rear windshield

That's it!

With your order you get...

  • A 100% tested Quick Brake Flasher
  • Complete operation and the easy installation instructions
  • Quick delivery, only 3 to 7 days shipped via U.S. mail
  • 30 Day Risk Free Money Back Warranty
  • Immediate email confirmation of your order

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