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The Motorcycle Quick Brake Flasher

Do you wonder how well other drivers are paying attention to you on your motorcycle when you're braking?  The Motorcycle Brake Flasher grabs the attention of following drivers when you brake hard to add additional safety and awareness to you.

The Motorcycle Quick Brake Flasher is completely self contained, and attaches easily to your bike's license plate.  It senses when your are braking hard with a built in acceleration switch, and rapidly flashes super bright LEDs to alert following drivers that you are braking quickly!  It contains two lithium coin cell batteries that last for over one year and are replaceable.  It's durable and weather resistant.  It doesn’t have any wires to connect up.
All you have to do, is attach it to your license plate, and you're done!  The super bright LEDs have a brightness of more than 40,000 mcd!  They are very bright and can be seen easily over 1000 feet!

The sensitivity can be easily adjusted for your specific needs. You can easily adjust the sensitivity to make it more or less sensitive.  Complete instructions are included with your order.

How it Works


See the solid red box above.  It's not very good at getting your attention.  So why are brake lights like this?  The only time you really know someone is braking is because you see a transition of their lights from dim to bright.  But as they're braking, the brake lights stay bright without any transitions.  In fact if their lights were bright all the time, you wouldn't even know if they're braking or not.  The part of the current brake light system that gets our attention isn't the brightness, it's the transition of the dim to bright!

Now look at the flashing red LEDs below. Don't they get your attention?  The LEDs are transitioning on and off.  This is what grabs your attention.  For example, the LED on your office phone that flashes when you have new voice mail, its flashing gets your attention.  Now what if the LED on your phone just stayed lit, no flashing, you wouldn't notice it much at all!  Which is why it was designed to flash in the first place!  Like the LED on your phone flashes to get your attention when there're new messages, so do the LEDs of the Quick Brake Flasher to grab the attention of following drivers when you brake hard.


Studies show that our eyes find dynamic flashing lights over static solid lights much more interesting and irresistible.  The Quick Brake Flasher uses this concept to add more awareness when you are braking hard.


The Motorcycle Brake Flasher can install to any motorcycle.  It can be installed to the top or bottom of the license plate, back rest, saddle bags or any place you can mount it.  The Motorcycle Brake Flasher comes with two metal straps and screws for attachment to your license plate.

The brackets have been sized to fit a typical license bolt spacing of 5 3/4".  The brackets are made from 22 guage steel, so if needed, you can easily trim and form the brackets to meet your specific requirements.

Installation Pictures

Motorcycle Brake Flasher installed on a '94 Magna under Hondaline rack.

Application Information

The Motorcycle Brake Flasher is also available in a 12 or 6 Volt Wired version.  To determine which style brake flasher is best for you, click here for Application Information.

What Your Order Includes...

  • A 100% operationally tested Motorcycle Brake Flasher
  • Complete operation and easy installation instructions
  • Instructions on how to adjust the sensitivity
  • Two installed lithium coin cell batteries
  • Quick delivery within 3-7 days
  • Emailed receipt and customer support
  • 30 Day Risk Free Money Back Warranty

What Others have said...

Click the images below to see letters received in the mail...


Got the BrakeFlasher unit today and have installed it.  Thank you for the very quick shipping!

I gotta say WOW, am I impressed!

The LED's are large and very bright, even in daylight.  There's just no reason not to see it.

You might have some more orders coming from down here when our riding buddies see these lights in action.

Sign me a very satisfied customer!

Steven S.
Luling, LA.


Just wanted to let you know, the rear brake light unit I ordered arrived today.  Very top notch stuff here!

Man are those 10mm leds friggin’ bright! : ) great little unit, I am sure it will help cover my back side quite well!

Thanks again!


Look what people have said in Motorcycle Forums...

I have these on my 86 Aspencade and on my two son's Suzuki Katana's. They are small and barely noticeable...except when they OPERATE! They truly make drivers behind you WAKE UP and notice you when you are braking hard! I feel they should be required equipment on motorcycles by law and recomend them to everyone. Dick

Re: Brake Flasher

« Reply #18 on Jan 23, 2007, 5:42pm »

I have one of these on my GV 250; had my wife check it out in a hard stop. She said that it's very hard to miss when it's flashing. Its sensitivity is adjustable.

48616.2 in reply to 48616.1

Looks like a great idea. And I like the idea of no wiring. I assume that once you've come to a stop, it quits flashing, which is good, otherwise it would be annoying.

48616.3 in reply to 48616.2

Yes, that is correct. Once your deceleration goes below the adjustable threshold, it stops flashing.

48616.4 in reply to 48616.1


I think it's a great idea....I just ordered one. Mike

8614.3 in reply to 8614.2

Mike, I bought two, and like them. The duration depends on the braking force. When shipped the units light up at 0.4 G, but you can adjust them to whatever you want. I have mine set so that they light up when I brake a little harder than normal.

8614.7 in reply to 8614.3

One more thing...are they actually pretty bright?? I've seen some LEDs that were advertised as being very bright that really weren't (Harry had a set like this on his old bike I think...)

8614.9 in reply to 8614.7

Yup, they are bright. ;-)


I just got my flasher ( ) today from Topserve....all I can say is DAMN ITS BRIGHT! LOL I really wasn't sure quite what to expect, even with the very good recomendation by DocFXR I have to admit that this thing is ALOT brighter then I expected. The LEDs are huge compared to what I thought they would be...I was thinking along the lines of an 1/8" dia LED but these things are about 3/8" dia! So, hats off to Topserve...thanks for a great product, and thanks for your trust in consumers (bikers!) to pre-ship the device...

Look at Top Serve LLC's reviews from eBay! eBay Customer Reviews

Let the Motorcycle Quick Brake Flasher benefit you by increasing your visibility to following drivers!   Similar competitor's products need to be wired up, and some even require professional installation!  You can easily install the Motorcycle Brake Flasher yourself, and it costs almost 75% less than competitors!  

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