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Product Details

Do you wonder how well other drivers are paying attention to you in your vehicle while braking?  This Flashing-Steady LED Brake Light increases your visibility to add additional safety and awareness to you.

LED Brake Light

The Flashing-Steady LED Brake Light has been developed to provide an eye catching third brake light, especially designed to attract attention to you and your vehicle while braking.  It has been designed for easy installation and detachment.  For example, if you would like to remove it during an auto show event.  It has been designed to operate for both vintage and modern vehicles.  It only draws 100 ma, and it operates on 6 and 12 volt electrical systems.  It is durable, and is enclosed in a 1" square 8.5" long acrylic tube.

LED Brake Light Side

The Flashing-Steady LED Brake Light grabs attention by pulsing its 10, 10 mm dia. superbright red LEDs and then goes to a steady on state.  Every time power is applied, it flashes for an adjustable period and then goes to a steady on.  The flashing period can be adjusted to last up to 8 seconds.

LED Brake Light Side

The flashing period is easily made longer or shorter by removing the end cap and turning a small dial with a screwdriver.


The Flashing-Steady LED Brake Light attaches to your rear window via two large suction cups.  The suction cups are pressed on the window, and then the LED Brake Light is rotated so the LEDs point straight out.

LED Brake Light on Porsche

The Flashing-Steady LED Brake Light receives power from one of your existing brake lights.  Its power is feed through a DC plug and jack.  The jack is permanently installed in your vehicle and is located in an area of your vehicle that is easily accessible for the plug from the brake light to connect up to.  This allows for easy detachment if you would like to remove it for example, at an auto show event.  The wire length of the brake light to the plug is 6 feet, and the length of wire attached to the jack is also 6 feet.  So the total wire length is 12 feet.

LED Brake Light plug and jack

What others have said...

This was posted to the 356 Porsche registry on 10/31/04.....

I just uninstalled the '3rd brake light from Lewryn' and installed the new Topserve model.  This is the one that is hard wired and not inertia based.  This unit flashes for an adjustable period of time and then goes to steady on. It is installed in my 6v coupe.  The installation was a breeze as I had already run the Lewreyn wiring.  The output is fantastic.  Our club, Typ 356 Northeast, went on a fall drive today and many remarked as to the brightness and the eye catching flash of the unit.  It seems like a well made, circuit board based, high tech light.  It is not just a string of LED's - it also has a circuit board that drives the larger LED's.  Like Joe's Headlight relay - It delivers what it promises, a r_e_a_l safety feature for our cars.

This was posted to the 356 Porsche registry on 11/25/04.....

Great luck with the TOPSERVE.  Very bright and adjustable.  Replaced the Lewryn which was not bright enough.

This was posted to on 2/9/05.....

I want to pass along this tip on adding a 3rd brake light to any generation El Camino. I've been looking for a nice 3rd brake light for quite a while. Recently I found a web site that offered exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that was functional and could be easily removed when I take my Elky to a show. I just received my new 3rd brake light from Top Serve and I think it's pretty cool. I ordered it on a Saturday and received it three days later by First Class Mail. The best thing about it is it doesn't have to be a permanent fixture. It has two silicone suction cups that allow it to be mounted anywhere in the rear window. The 10 LED's are huge and the electronics circuitry appear to be well designed. I bought the 10 LED Flashing-Steady LED Brake Light. It needs to be wired into my brake light switch and it comes with 12 feet of wire with a jack in the middle so the light can be unplugged and removed.

Click image below to see article from 356 Newsletter...

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