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Product Details

The bike powered version of the Motorcycle Brake Flasher is powered from your bike's 12 or 6 volt electrical system.  Since it draws a low amount of current it can be wired directly in parallel with your existing brake light.  The bike powered version has the same appearance and function of the battery powered MC Brake Flasher.  Since it is powered from your existing brake light it can be adjusted to flash every time you brake independent of deceleration.  Also since it draws power from your existing brake light, it can only be activated when your brake light is on, preventing it from flashing due to rough bumps, or heavy vibration.  It attaches in-between your license plate bolts.  The power and ground wires neatly come out of the back, and have their polarity marked.


The Motorcycle Brake Flasher can install to any motorcycle.  It can be installed to the top or bottom of the license plate, back rest, saddle bags or any place you can mount it.  The Motorcycle Brake Flasher comes with two metal straps and screws for attachment to your license plate.

The wired version of the Motorcycle Brake Flasher only draws about 50 ma of current, and connects in parallel with your existing brake light.  The power and ground wires are black, 22 guage, neatly come out of the back, and have their polarity marked.

The brackets can be formed to attach to your specific license plate.  The Motorcycle Brake Flasher has been sized to fit a typical license bolt spacing of 5 3/4".  You can trim and form the brackets to meet your specific requirements.

Installation Pictures

Motorcycle Brake Flasher installed on a '94 Magna under Hondaline rack.

What Your Order Includes...

  • A 100% operationally tested Motorcycle Brake Flasher
  • Complete operation and easy installation instructions
  • Instructions on how to adjust the sensitivity
  • Quick delivery within 3-7 days
  • Emailed receipt and customer support
  • 30 Day Risk Free Money Back Warranty

Look what people have said...

"I received the rewired flasher, and it works Great, people ask me about it, and I send them to your site.

"Let me say that those are quite possibly the brightest LEDs that I have ever seen.  I was looking directly into them in broad daylight and had spots in front of my eyes!"

"Received the brake flasher unit today. Wow that was fast service. I have to say that I am impressed with this item. A great idea. "

"I want to THANK YOU again, for the 6 volt hard-wire type! This is a GREAT safety item and will probably save many from accidentally getting hit from the rear by inattentive drivers. Thanks again!"

Click the images below to see letters received in the mail...


Got the BrakeFlasher unit today and have installed it.  Thank you for the very quick shipping!

I gotta say WOW, am I impressed!

The LED's are large and very bright, even in daylight.  There's just no reason not to see it.

You might have some more orders coming from down here when our riding buddies see these lights in action.

Sign me a very satisfied customer!

Steven S.
Luling, LA.


Just wanted to let you know, the rear brake light unit I ordered arrived today.  Very top notch stuff here!

Man are those 10mm leds friggin' bright! : ) great little unit, I am sure it will help cover my back side quite well!

Thanks again!


27786.5 in reply to 27786.1

Check this one out.... , it's a very simple installation, and the LED's are huge.  I have one on my bike, and other riders are stopping me everyday and asking where I got it.  I like the fact that it can be installed to continuously flash as long as the brakes are applied.

27786.6 in reply to 27786.5

This is the second bike I have had this light on.  I was gonna take it off the 1st bike, but the guy who bought it begged me to leave it on.  I have mine mounted under the luggage rack - it looks good and is really an eye catcher.  You can't beat the price either.

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